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Eye Massager

  • Product Code: Eye Massager
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Product Specifications:

Vibrating eye massager

Promote blood circulation to relieve eye fatigue and tension

Prevent myopia

CE approved

Product Features:

Promote blood circulation to relieve eye fatigue and tension;

Prevent myopia or delay the progression of shortsightedness;

Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;

Prevent and relieve eye bags, dark circles and small wrinkles;

Help the aged to delay the process of presbyopia

This Electric Eye care massager is special designed base on human body‘s uneven outline and different point distribution.

Activates cells in the eye and brain, combine the principle of channel massage in traditional Chinese medical science, it links the magnetic massage and mechanical massage, act together on important points around eyes, hearing and activating the channels and collaterals, tune the qi and blood, release eye fatigue, relax quickly. If you keep using these products, it also helps to enhance memory power, improve eye sight and activate the cells of brain.

You carry the eye protection experts operation

22 natural magnetic massage contacts

8 of the important point massage.

1200 high frequency magnetic field

Nine procedures used for a variety of fatigue.

Very helpful and convenient to use

22 neodymium magnet massage dots build a magnetic field on microcirculation, multi massage modes for different strength massage, and adjustable massage timer for easy controlling.

Relax brain nerve and improve blood circulation, helps insomniac to fall asleep

Prevents myopia from turning into high myopia and beautify eyes

Prevent and cure computer eyes syndrome, restrain neurasthenic and insomnia, remove eye fatigue;

To help alleviate eye fatigue caused by extended use of computers, long periods of driving, studying and reading;

For difficulty in falling asleep: to help induce a state of deep relaxation that allows for restful nights

Operated by 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included).

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