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Small Dolphin Massager

  • Product Code: Small Dolphin Massager
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Product Description:

When it is no longer a place where you aching pain in the aimless way, rather than rub you can always have with you Small Dolphin Massager can massage a smooth and easy manner with the product.

Small Dolphin Massager is great for deep penetrating massages gently and or vigorously and aids in the release of tense muscles aches and pains shoulder and neck stiffness gives the user therapy using infrared heat.

Regular massaging has been known to stimulate energy flow maintaining physical strength promotes peaceful sleep releases tension in muscles accelerating blood flow improve

Product Features:

Electrically Powered Massager AC220V 50Hz 2 Point Plug Device

Streamlined design light and portable

Massage head variations for deep penetrating massage stretching body and mind

Strong and vigorous beating function

With 2 levels high/low speed adjusting slide switch

Infra-red and warming light providing a heat therapy massage

Package Includes:

1 x Massage Stick

2 x Replacement Heads

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