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eGo-CE4 Electronic Rechargeable Cigarette

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Rs 5,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 5,999.00

Product Description:

Are you new user and looking for an E-Cigarette for quit smoking or switch tobacco Cigarette to E-Cigarette? eGo-Ce4 is the best choice to start .eGo CE4 have everything that you need to start vamping.

The 650mAh high quality grade "A" lithium battery will last the average smoker a day.

Product Features:

On/Off the batter

Push battery button five times instantly to turn ON the battery.

Push battery button five times instantly to turn OFF the battery.

Manual battery with blue light indicator: - You should to press and hold the push button for inhaling.

Auto power cut out feature: - should button be continuously pressed for over 10 seconds, it will automatically cut the power supply to avoid overheating and damaging the atomizer.

Power light flashes to show that the battery is discharge and need to charge the battery.

Product Specification:

Size:: L 118*D 14mm

Each Tankomizer keep 500 puffs

Battery capacity: 650mAh

Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2V

Full battery keeps 500-600 puffs

Charge time: 3-4 hours

Volume of 1 cartridge: 1.6ml

Battery life: more than 350 times

Atomizer life: 200000 times

Package Includes:

2pc- Battery 650mah (2pc Electronics Cigarettes)

2pc- CE4 Clearmoizer (2pc Electronics Cigarettes)

1pc- User Manual

1pc-Usb Charger & cable


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