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USB LED Clock Fan For PC , Note Book & Others

  • Product Code: USB LED Clock Fan
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Product Features: 

1. Gently adjust the flexible neck to position the cool breeze anywhere you wish. 

2. Super compact & lightweight. 

3. USB port powered, no external power supply needed. 

4. Durable soft fan blades for safe usage.

5. No dirve, plug and play. 

6. Convenient On/Off switch. 

7. The clock keeps time when switched off and seting the time is easy too


Product Specifications:

1. USB powered 

2. Flexible gooseneck 

3. Quiet electric motor 

4. Soft blades for safety 

5. Working Volt: DC 5V 

6. Working current: ≤350mA 

7. Product length: 40cm 

8. Switch: key switch 

9. Fan diameter: 88mm

10. Weight: 54g 


How to Use:

1. Plug into a USB port and press the ON/OFF switch to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.

2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button until minute hand starts blinking.

3. Setting the hour hand: continue to hold ON/OFF button to set the hour hand. The clock will spin clockwise fast, release the button just before the correct hour.

4. Setting the minute hand: After the hour is set, the minute hand will flash; click the ON/OFF button to move the minute hand forward to the correct time.

5. Leave for 6 seconds and the time are set.



1. Keep your hair, face and eyes away from the rotating fan blades.

2. In order to protect your USB port form damage; be careful not to press hard to the USB connector when adjusting the flexible neck.

3. When the fan is moving keep children under 3 years away from the product.


Package includes:

1 X Nice shop USB LED Clock Fan

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