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Four Children Scooter 4 Wheel Kids Scooty

  • Product Code: 4 Wheel Kids Scooter
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Rs 2,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,999.00

Product Description:

The classic Four Children Scooter 4-Wheel Scooter promotes the extreme stability and safety to be the best bridge of learning balance for your youngsters. Four Children Scooter unique dual pivot hanger technologies provides the ultimate fun carving experience and wide sweeping turns for children around the neighborhood. Signature features such as adjustable handlebars for flexibility, wide decks for stability and safety, rear foot brake allows learning control and stopping, all in a compact package with minimal assembly. The Sport 4-Wheel Scooter offers not only the controlled stable craving rides but also presents the joy of skateboarding riding.

Product Specification:

Age: 2-13

Fit Height: 80-160cm

Weight Bearing: 50kg

Net Weight: 2.8kg

Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame

Color: Pink, Blue

Product Features:

Special Handle

Height Adjustment

Special Brake

Unique Pedal Design

Classic Wheel

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