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3D VR Box with Bluetooth Remote

  • Product Code: 3D VR Box with Bluetooth Remote
  • Availability: 100
Rs 4,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 4,999.00

Product Hotpoints:

High Quality Shine on 3D VR Eyewear Glasses

1. New product, our 3D VR glasses with good quality plasticand leather.

2. Supported device: 4-6 inch smart mobile phone.

3. Supported system: IOS & Android.

4.3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Real 3DExperience.

5. Shift Your Phone into IMAX Theatre, owning your private 3Dcinema.

Product Features:

1. Brand new and high quality, similar for Google cardboardhead mount plastic version 3D VR virtual reality video glasses

2. This item does not have the Magnet Parts so it cannotcontrol like the Google Cardboard 3D. But you can use this item view 3D movieand 3D game on your cellphone

3. This paragraph does not contain NFC component (NFC moduleautomatically recognizes only open the program, click on the icon to open thestep is omitted software, other experiences are the same)

4.3D VR Virtual Reality glasses, wonderful Real 3DExperience

Product Description:

1. Suitable size: 4-6''

2. Weight: 380g

3. IPD adjustment: 45-66mm

4. Sight adjustment: 76.5mm-85mm

5. Lens: Aspheric optical lens design

6. High transmittance Nano-coating technology

7. Games: Special Gamepad control and 3D software provide

8. Media player: 3D video playback support: 2D video convertto 3D support

9. Material: ABS

Product Overview:

Smart Design
Difference between VR BOX and other VR glasses

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