Air Massager

Product Description:Air Press Massager is a great way to relax your sore and tired legs, feet, calves and ankles. The battery powered pump pushes air into and out of the chambers of the boot. This c..

Rs 3,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 3,999.00

Alluma Wallet Secure Coloured Wallet - Buy 1 Get 3 Free

Product Overview: Having trouble gathering all those important credit cards and other valuables? I understand, these cards just disappear when you need them the most. Why not safe them in a profe..

Rs 999.00 Rs 3,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 999.00

eGo-CE4 Electronic Rechargeable Cigarette

Product Description:Are you new user and looking for an E-Cigarette for quit smoking or switch tobacco Cigarette to E-Cigarette? eGo-Ce4 is the best choice to start .eGo CE4 have everything that you..

Rs 5,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 5,999.00

Health Herald Digital Therapy Machine

Product Details:Digital therapy Machine is a modern science and technology combined with Chinese Medical, It is an ideal product suitable for who have stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis..

Rs 2,999.00 Rs 4,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,999.00

IGlove for Touch Screen

Product Description:IGlove touchscreen gloves are a new and innovative technology, taking the touchscreen world by storm. The use of specially designed conductive material in the fingertips of otherwi..

Rs 799.00 Rs 999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 799.00

Instahang Picture Hanging Wall Hook Tool (47 Pieces Set)

Description:1.100% Brand new and high quality2. Insta Hang Picture Hanging Tool KIT 47pc set As Seen On TV 10lb Wall Hook3. The secure way to hang anything in seconds.4. Angled peg supports up to 10 ..

Rs 1,899.00 Rs 2,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,899.00

LED Solar Light

Product Specifications: Energy saving N600 Solar Book Light - With solar panel, can convert solar energy into electricity, no need of outside power, energy efficiency and environmental protection..

Rs 1,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,499.00

Micro Knife-Folding Knives

Product Description:Micro knife - credit card folding knife. Ultra-light pocket knife that folds completely flat, only 5.5" long when opened. Thinner than 2 credit cards. Unfold and cut just about a..

Rs 1,199.00 Rs 1,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,199.00

Micro Touch Max Shaving & Hair Removal

Product Description: All-in-One Micro Touch Micro Touch Max Nose Ear Neck Eyebrow Hair Trimmer Remover New in the package 50% more power. Built-in light! Trims hair with micro precision! What's..

Rs 1,199.00 Rs 1,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,199.00

Micro Wallet

Product Details:Wallet Micro Wallet, Zip and Many Cases for Money and CardsThe Micro Wallet is a very practical wallet with several pockets for cards and money while closed and secured with a zipper...

Rs 799.00 Rs 1,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 799.00

Mimo Mini Massager

Description:Features:100% brand new and high quality.Ideal healthcare product for work, life and studyReleases aches and pains, makes you feel comfortableCan be used no matter sitting, standing or lyi..

Rs 499.00 Rs 899.00 Ex Tax: Rs 499.00

Pops A Dent (Car Dent Repair Kit)

Product Overview:Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts.Unique patent-pending arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage. (Other systems without our arched bri..

Rs 1,299.00 Rs 1,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,299.00

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V

Product Features: 1. It Comes With A Handy Flexible Hose Which Will Efficiently Pick Up Wet Or Dry Spills In Hard To Reach Areas. 2. Large Plastic Catch Tray. 3. Integrated Carry Handle For ..

Rs 2,399.00 Rs 3,499.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,399.00

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Product Description: A selfie stick is a monopod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. The metal sticks are typically extendabl..

Rs 499.00 Rs 699.00 Ex Tax: Rs 499.00

Shake Weight

Work Out Procedure.Standing Chest ExerciseStanding upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the Shake Weight in front of your chest with a two-hand alternating grip. Your elbows should be ben..

Rs 2,499.00 Rs 2,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,499.00

Slim Clip Double Sided Money Clip

Product Description: It's time to rid you of that bulky wallet and replace it with a Slim Clip- the NEW sleek and modern double-sided money clip. Slim Clip's innovative design tightly holds as ma..

Rs 799.00 Rs 999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 799.00

Slim n Lift for Mens

DescriptionThis is a perfectly fitted soft to the skin nylon spandex knit tank top that stretches and recoils as your body moves but on the inside are powerful layers of nylon spandex knit binding you..

Rs 1,349.00 Rs 1,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,349.00

Small Dolphin Massager

Product Description:When it is no longer a place where you aching pain in the aimless way, rather than rub you can always have with you Small Dolphin Massager can massage a smooth and easy manner wi..

Rs 899.00 Ex Tax: Rs 899.00

Smart Phone Waterproof Underwater Color Pouch

Description:Protect your device against water, dirt and sand. Made from durable PVC with airtight double seal system the size of this pouch iois perfect making it multi use whenever you need it. Trans..

Rs 999.00 Rs 1,399.00 Ex Tax: Rs 999.00

Starbuzz eHose eHookah

Product Description:Starbuzz E-Hose. The true portable Hookah experience, the E-Hose is the only real Hookah alternative. Engineered to perfection and designed with a focus on fashion and elegance. Th..

Rs 7,499.00 Rs 8,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 7,499.00

Tire Design Creative Coffee Tea Mug

Product Description: Designed after the classic car tires, Insulating structure, stainless steel interior, and plastic exterior, Mug extends or retracts like a real Tire when the zoom ring rotate..

Rs 1,799.00 Rs 2,399.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,799.00

WaxVac Ear Cleaner - Gentle And Effective Ear Cleaner

Product Description: WaxVac ear cleaner is the safe and effective way to clean and dry your ears! The WaxVac secret is safe and gentle suction. Simply attach the WaxVac silicone tip and insert ..

Rs 1,199.00 Rs 2,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,199.00

X Fire II Wooden Box Electronic Cig-ar

Product Features: Clearly marked voltage setting that will not need a magnifying glass to see 3.2V-4.8V smooth turning voltage adjustments dial Short circuit protection Click on off butto..

Rs 4,799.00 Ex Tax: Rs 4,799.00

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