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Health Herald Digital Therapy Machine

  • Product Code: Digital Therapy Machine
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Rs 4,500.00 Rs 2,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,999.00

Product Details:

Digital therapy Machine is a modern science and technology combined with Chinese Medical, It is an ideal product suitable for who have stiff shoulder, end neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, bad cold, cervical vertebra neck ache, per arthritis, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, energy failure, week sexual ability, irregular menstruation, various acute chronic diseases.

Product Features:

Digital display the strength, mode, function, treatment time and body meridian chart

Based on Chinese medicine

Outputs different frequencies of pulse, The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the output pulse sixth so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfactory

Improves your body circulation, relieves your pain and promotes your metabolism

Modes: stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, capping, weight reducing, hypnogensis, adjust BP and immunotherapy

Can do the pulse therapy for the four parts of your body at the same time

Voltage: 220V

Comes with four massage pads

Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V 7# AAA batteries

Equipped with large size Silver OR LCD, on which the intensity, functions, therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in Chinese and English


Digital Therapy Machine

USB cable

User Manual

Plastic Pads

USB Cables

USB Adapter

Size: 24.5*19.5*5 cm

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