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Dragon 240 V2 Cooling System Anti-Leak Radiator Liquid Cooler

Dragon 240 V2 Cooling System Anti-Leak Radiator Liquid Cooler

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1: Water pump head and fan adopt mainstream 5V RGB lighning, 3 lighning effect modes, (static, horse racing, color change).

2: The 12-channel waterway design is used to efficiently improve the thermal cycle efficiency and thermal contact area.Bringing an excellent heat dissipation experience.

3: High-performance ARGB fan, High-brightness LED magic, 3 light effect modes, support PWM intelligent control, low-noise operation.

4: Supports INTEL and AMD mainstream platforms for easy installation, no direction control, two-phase six-stage outer winding motor to provide powerfull system power.

5: he stainless steel core-pulling ensures a long service life, the closed impeller design greatly increase the water flow speed, and the super-large pure copper bottom is accurately covered, which comprehensively improves the heat dissipation efficiency.

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